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The large real estate and real estate market requires constant updating of information that is available to the target audience. This is what CREA does, the result of its research favors the needs of its prospects at the same time that it allows them to reach new projects.

The Solution

Regardless of business or sector, digital strategies have become a necessity for brands. From the production of valuable content (Inbound Marketing) to its strategic publication in different social channels (Social Media), the communication favors the presence of the brand and satisfies the needs of its followers.

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02. Collections Overview

Why do you need a social media marketing strategy?

  • 68% of companies are integrating mobile marketing as a strategy to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • 71% of marketers consider mobile marketing as a fundamental strategy for the growth of the company.
  • 53% of companies use social ads.
  • 7 million companies use paid advertising on Facebook.
  • Facebook controlled 84.9% of this social video ad growth.
  • A typical American Facebook user clicks on 8 Facebook ads per month.
  • 2 million companies use paid advertising on Instagram.
  • 2 million advertisers use stories on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.
  • 80% of major brands use stories on at least one social network.

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