The Client

Free Will Baptist is one of the largest church organizations in the United States and is represented in other countries. Its North American Ministries expansion department is responsible for training missionaries and leaders for their projects inside and outside the United States through its Biblical Institute, which represents an important platform for ministerial training and education.

The Solution

Online information platforms and technologies today solve many of the problems that society faces in different sectors, from financial to educational. ECommerce has had exponential growth in recent years and continues to increase. EduNAM is an online educational platform developed with the latest standards that technology implies so that the students of the Hispanic Biblical Institute can train remotely, advancing through video courses and presenting online evaluations in an automated way. Interaction with teachers is one of the tools that promote the promotion of this platform within the organization.

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Why do you need to develop online platforms?

  • According to figures from the Internet Association, 51% of people study through an online platform.
  • Mexico has 130 million inhabitants and 58% are internet users; This is the equivalent of 76 million of them on digital platforms.
  • By 2019, 17% of internet users access digital banking. They mostly do it from mobile devices and then from the web version for desktop.

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    Cristal Líquido. Agencia Creativa en Ciudad de Méxic