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Game Planet is a Mexican enterprise, who is dedicated to the gaming world, selling all types of accessories, consoles , limited edition products. With a quick growing in gaming world puts in offer to all followers the most incredible games from all around the world ,available in all their stores and online platforms.

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Artemisa is an special gateway opened primarily for the processing of financial operations which brokes the epitome of the client, because it could be used for the processing data of the credit or debit cards from an specific bank. Artemisa is skilled of processing operations for the outline for Multi-adherence scheme (which more than one bank in the financial operations.

Artemisa is designed for trending technology topics, which breaks the scheme the monolithic application for a new scheme of micro services.

Cristal Líquido. Agencia Creativa en Ciudad de Méxic
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    Cristal Líquido. Agencia Creativa en Ciudad de Méxic