The Client

Easy Life México is a consultancy that develops technological applications for different sectors in order to facilitate the life of the final consumer, from financial to health applications. Digital applications, whether on the desktop or on mobile devices, have become an essential tool.

The Solution

The health issue is the new bet of the big technology firms, Apple, Samsung, Google and other brands, develop devices that help in monitoring the health status of their consumers. Putting medical and health information at a person's reach through an application designed and developed strategically and functionally, allows them to take precautions about the most important thing: their life.

Cristal Líquido. Agencia Creativa en Ciudad de Méxic
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You need your own app

We give you 3 reasons why you have to contact us to talk about the app that your business needs:

  • There are approximately 9 million mobile applications on Google Play, 2.5 million on the App Store and 700 thousand on Windows.
  • The approximate number of downloads in 2017 was 200,000 million mobile applications; on iOS in 2016 it was 25,000 million; in Android in 2016 of 90,000 million.
  • The average use of Mobile Applications is 9 per day and 30 per month.

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    Cristal Líquido. Agencia Creativa en Ciudad de Méxic